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TIG Steady

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TIGWARE's Robust Design TIG Steady is a must for any welder that uses a rotating unit or needs a long steady platform to weld in the workshop. 

Designed with Stainless Steel components incorporating a SUPER Strong Magnetic Base makes this unique product superior to what's available in the market place.  

The supporting tower is > 20" High SS

The Transition Arm is > 18" Long SS

The Magnet Base is Rated to > 160kg Pull Force

The Transition Block is made from a > Solid Block of Aluminium

The Star Locking Grips are > 6061 & Stainless Steel


Without Telescope  > 18" Transition Arm  Reach

With Telescope  > 36" Transition Arm  Reach


TIGWARE's Shielding Nozzles and FLEX Unit are connected to the Vertical Support Tower of the TIG Steady. The FLEX Unit can be positioned in any way needed to facilitate ARGON Shielding for Positional Work or similar. 

The ARGON Input is simply interconnected between the FLEX Block and the Regulator

This effective design Declutters and Simplifies you're work table and frees-up you're bench space 

FLEX - Option Includes 

FLEX Block with Star Locking Grip

FLEX ARGON Supply Hose (2m / 6.5')

ARGON Flow Control Ball Valve

FLEX - Shielding Nozzle - Options

#20 Teflon Nozzle with TIGWARE's (Triple Diffuser System) Suited for 1" - 2" Tube Work

FLEX #1 = Shielding Nozzle for 1"/2" Tube Work

FLEX #2 = Shielding Nozzle for 2" Tube Work

FLEX #3 = Shielding Nozzle for 3" Tube Work

FLEX #4 = Shielding Nozzle for 4" Tube Work



Q: Can it be used in any direction?

A: Yes However for best performance use the TIG Steady in line with the magnet base.

Q: Will the unit support material for positional welding?

A: Yes No problem.

Shipping info

TIGWARE ships using DHL Express for all deliveries outside Australia. Usually 3 to 4 days door to door. Domestic deliveries are via Australia Post Express Post usually next day to city areas.

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