Innovative TIG welding products

  • Unbreakable

    Our TEFLON range is our benchmark product and the most sort after by TIG welders globally.

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  • Innovative Design

    TIGWARE designs and engineers products incorporating our Triple Diffuser System.

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  • 100% Australian Made

    All our products are designed and made here in Melbourne Australia to the highest standard.

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  • Trusted by SpaceX

    TIGWARE is a trusted supplier of SpaceX. SpaceX looks too TIGWARE for High Quality Products.

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  • Teflon Cups

    6 options
    Regular price $40.00 - $110.00
    Sale price $40.00 Regular price
    Teflon Cups
  • Ceramic Nozzle

    12 options
    Regular price $58.00 - $98.00
    Sale price $58.00 Regular price
    Ceramic Nozzle
  • Quartz Nozzles

    4 options
    Regular price $48.00 - $78.00
    Sale price $48.00 Regular price
    Quartz Nozzles
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Our customers

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch, 2018


TIGWARE products are virtually unbreakable. View the short video and see for yourself.

See them in action

Check out the Hammer video and see if your convinced as to how durable TIGWARE products are

  • “Absolutely love the gas coverage with the tungsten poke out, super light and easy install, great customer service and amazing delivery time”

    Trent S

    Pro TIG welder
  • “From placing the order to receiving the goods the whole task was easy. The goods turned up with no issues even though coming from the over side of the world. From the start I was impressed with the quality and finish of the cups and back cap.“

    Robin Hollier

    Hood Engineering
  • “Whats impressive is the insane gas coverage, no hint of heat tinting. This is why I love these cups. Skill level varies person by person but these are almost cheater cups, Im not saying about specific welders but using these cups tend to make you look better than you actually are.”

    Alistair Oakley

    Pro Fabricator

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