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About TIGWARE Australia

TIGWARE was founded in 2019 and began manufacturing TEFLON TIG Welding Cups and accessories for the Global TIG welding industry. They are the pioneers of the TRIPLE Diffuser System that sets them apart from the competition hear in Australia and abroad. Developing an enviable reputation for producing high quality engineered TEFLON components. With over 30+ years of experience in SUBSea Robotic Systems Engineering, TIGWARE have established a reputation for Quality in the market place supplying customers internationally as well as here in Australia, applying technical knowledge and engineering to produce Unbreakable products for welding professionals.

Unique Technology

The ability to manufacture close tolerance engineered TIG Cup components and Back-Caps is an art form. While many manufacturers mass produce components in China TIGWARE differ in that they have developed a unique Triple Diffuser System that allows them to control the GAS Flow which stabilises the Weld Pool, all designed and manufactured by hand here in Australia.

TIGWARE are also able to engineer special TIG Cups upon request for customers to overcome problematic issues such as Flashover control. (Where the Diffuser is obliterated due to Flashovers) This common problem is overcome with a Deep-throat design cup. TIGWARE has supplied this type for many customers world wide giving the end user untold savings.

Claims to fame

Being Australia’s only standing manufacturer of engineered TEFLON TIG welding accessories, TIGWARE have claims to fame including:

  • Being the Only producer of Unbreakable TEFLON TIG Welding Accessories in Australia.
  • Developed the TRIPLE Diffuser System.
  • Designed the Unbreakable TIG Cup & TEFLON Back-Cap.
  • Special bespoke engineering and design for customers globally.

Benefits to you

If you are having problems with diffusers exploding or Electrically Flashing-over (Where the diffuser is obliterated due to a short circuit via the diffuser) and continuously breaking Ceramic Cups to an unstable weld-pool then TIGWARE products can help.

Investing in any TIGWARE products can overcome your problems.

We can assist with:

  • Special designs of any TIG Cup outside of the standard generic types.
  • TEFLON TIG welding components.
  • Supply and manufacture.
  • Australian made.

We can provide solutions that in many cases will outperform and outlast so called breakable products that customers are forced to purchase repeatedly. These will result in a longer life, reduced downtime and provide a more efficient operation for you’re business and workshop crew.

TIGWARE have already assisted customers in many different countries, offering original ideas and mind blowing performance gains.

Contact John now and see how to transform you’re business.

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