TIGWARE continually endeavours to design engineer and innovate products that have proven to be the the choice of welders globally. Having the ability to overcome design problems when compared to the competition. This is a key attribute of TIGWARE.

Triple Diffuser System

Our Triple Diffuser System is un paralleled in the industry. This system offers superior gas flow characteristics and is designed into all our DC products including some AC products.

Teflon Range

The Teflon products are our most popular product range. Designed with superior gas flow characteristics makes this product superior in performance compared to the competition. The gas flow is refined to a point that a 3 inch stick out can be achieved with zero oxidation.

Ceramics Range

TIGWAR’s ceramic range are not like the standard ceramic nozzles found in the market place. Our ceramic units are press formed under high pressure with CNC machined surfaces. Incorporating our Triple Diffuser System.

Quartz Range

The Pyrex products also incorporate TIGWARE’s Triple Diffuser System which is unheard off in the industry. Again the potential stick out of 3 inches can be achieved.

Bespoke Design

Many customers have contacted TIGWARE for special designs that other companies will not undertake. This is a special aspect on out business.


TIGWARE are the only company that offers dual rated products for AC & DC TIG welding that utilises a diffuser system. Our #12 Ceramic units are also rated for AC and DC. This is unheard off in the industry. Only TIGWARE has this level of product on offer to customers globally.

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