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T2 Uni-MIG

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TIGWARE Teflon, Ceramic or Quartz products are now available for your T2 Torch Heads.

Simply choose

Style - Material - Size

of product that suits your work load.

Suitable for 1.6 / 2.4mm & 3.2mm Tungsten Rods.

Each unit comes with a Teflon Insulator.

A level of accessory that is unmatched in the industry.   




Simply connect any TIGWARE nozzle or Teflon Cup to your torch directly. A Teflon insulator is supplied for all Quartz & Ceramic Unit and your ready to TIG

Material = Teflon / Aluminium / Quartz / Ceramic

Titanium Retaining Clip for all Ceramics and Quartz Units

Suites All TIGWARE Teflon Ceramic and Quartz products

Shipping info

TIGWARE ships using DHL Express for all deliveries outside Australia. Usually 3 to 4 days door to door. Domestic deliveries are via Australia Post Express Post usually next day to city areas.

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