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Quartz Nozzle Replacement

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Made of Quartz, TIGWARE Quartz-Beaver Units are designed with the welder in mind. Rated for DC use TIGWARE Quartz-Beasvers incorporate TIGWARE’s Triple Diffuser System making them RADICALLY different to the competition giving a smooth controlled gas flow and stable weld pool. TIGWARE BEAVERS will not let you down on the job.

Accessing tight and difficult nodes or positions is easy with TIGWARE’s Triple Diffuser System which allows up to 2 inches of stick out with a standard gas regulator.


Q: Do you have spare diffusers?

A: Yes spare diffusers are available.

Q: Will the product fit my #17 style torch head?

A: Yes, TIGWARE can supply a 17GL332 Gas Lens for this style torch.

Q: Will the product fit my #9 style torch head?

A: Yes, all TIGWARE BEAVER Units will thread directly onto a #9/20 & #17/18/26 Torch heads.

Q: Will the product fit a #9 style torch?

A: Yes all TIGWARE BEAVER Units fit directly onto a #9 torch. No O-rings just a mechanical seal.

Q: Can I weld with AC?

A: TIGWARE Nozzles are DC use only.


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TIGWARE’s Triple Diffuser System offers unparalleled gas shielding when compared to the competition.

Made of Quartz. TIGWARE Quartz BEAVERS a new standard in the market placed. Rated for DC use TIGWARE nozzles are hand made and not mass produced like the competitions products. TIGWARE’s Triple Diffuser System is what sets us apart from the competition giving a smooth controlled gas flow and weld pool. TIGWARE BEAVERS.


Material = Quartz (Clear)
High Grade Surface finish
TIGWARE’s Triple Diffuser System

Gas Lens Adapter

TIGWARE’s 17GL332 Gas Lens Adapter converts you’re #17 / 18 / 26 style torch to use all TIGWARE TIG Nozzles. Effectively converts you’re #17 torch into a #9.

Shipping info

TIGWARE ships using DHL Express for all deliveries outside Australia. Usually 3 to 4 days door to door. Domestic deliveries are via Australia Post Express Post usually next day to city areas.

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