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Accessory Designed for ARGON Shielding

Add the FLEX-BLOK to the Vertical Support Tower or Transition Arm of TIGWARE's TIG Steady and interconnect to the Regulator and you're ready to TIG.

The FLEX-BLOK Unit can be positioned in any way needed to facilitate ARGON Shielding for Positional Work or similar

The ARGON Input is simply interconnected between the FLEX-BLOK and the Regulator

This effective design Declutters and Simplifies you're work table and frees-up you're bench space

All TIGWARE FLEX Shielding Nozzles incorporate TIGWARE's Unique Diffuser System for MAXIMUM Performance 

FLEX-BLOK Options Include 

FLEX Tube (300mm / 12")

FLEX-BLOK with Star Locking Grip

FLEX-BLOK ARGON Supply Hose (2m / 6.5')

ARGON-BLOK Flow Control Ball Valve

FLEX-BLOK Nozzle - Options

FLEX-BLOK #1 = #20 Teflon Nozzle with TIGWARE's (Triple Diffuser System) Suited for 1" - 2" Tube Work

FLEX #1 = Standard #20 TEFLON Unit

FLEX #2 = Shielding Nozzle for 2" Tube Work

FLEX #3 = Shielding Nozzle for 3" Tube Work

FLEX #4 = Shielding Nozzle for 4" Tube Work

Shipping info

TIGWARE ships using DHL Express for all deliveries outside Australia. Usually 3 to 4 days door to door. Domestic deliveries are via Australia Post Express Post usually next day to city areas.

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