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TIGWARE's Aerospace TIG Welding Test Fixture is designed for certification test welds

DETAIL: ISO 3690:2011 specifies the sampling and analytical procedure for the determination of diffusible hydrogen in martensitic, bainitic, and ferritic steel weld metal arising from the welding of such steels using welding processes with filler metal


Main Block 6061 Aluminium  

Clamping Plates Carbon Steel

Flange Bolts High Tension M12 Bolts

Test sample length for this product is 230mm / 9"

Gas Port 1/4" BSPT  

Work side Fixture Plate has an extended skirt for ergonomic weld runs

Base block and Fixture Plates provide massive Heatsink properties

AERO Options

AERO ARGON Cooled (Basic Model) Single Port 





6061 Aluminium

Carbon Steel

High Tension Flange Bolts

High Grade Surface finish

TIGWARE Innovation

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TIGWARE ships using DHL Express for all deliveries outside Australia. Usually 3 to 4 days door to door. Domestic deliveries are via Australia Post Express Post usually next day to city areas.

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